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Your custom pet portrait will be a hand-painted work of art using the finest

pastels. All portraits are framed using acid-free/archival matting and materials

and the glass is both non-glare and UV protected (example below). Due to the

level of detail I like to include in my portraits, I require clear, detailed, high

resolution pictures. Good reference photos are key to a good portrait! I

generally use several of the photos provided to get the best detail on different

parts of your pet. Please note the portrait is not intended to be an exact replica

of your photo(s) but rather an artistic interpretation.


Click here for tips on good reference photos.

Examples of commissioned portraits can be found in my Sold Work gallery.




Please contact me for details and a quote on your project.

Example of a framed 8"x10" portrait.


8"x10" Portrait

8"x10" portrait in 13"x15" frame 

*Prices are in CAD, plus tax and are subject to change without notice.  Shipping charges extra

Reference Photos


A good portrait starts with a good reference photo! My work is highly detailed and therefore I will need detailed photos that allow me to capture all the nuances that reflect your pet’s character.

A good reference photo should have the following:

  1. Photo should be taken in natural light. Either outside or inside in a bright space. The use of flash or artificial light may distort the colours of your pet.

  2. Try to take the photo at eye level. Photos taken from above or below may distort the proportions. 

  3. A clear, sharp image, especially the face and eyes. The more details I can see and recreate, the better the portrait will be.

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